Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass What is it? and How it works? This operation combines maximum weigth loss with all the benefits of laparoscopy.
Is done with specialized instruments through small incisions without touching ith the "human hands" intra.abdominal organs.
It is don in 2 hours or less and usually the patient is hospitalized 48 hours. During the operation the stomach is divided into two sections to form small stomach called gastric pouch "where the intestine is connected creating a "bridge" Food does not pass trough the large stomach called "excudad stomach" which stays in place without providing any sequel and continues to produce gastric juice,which passed into the small intestine to mix with food due to a connection of small-intestine is performed.


This allows you to eat a small amount ok food leading to a feeling of satiety or fullness, and besides not absorb the total calories. The patients lose an avarge of 80% of excess weight within a year.



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