1-Which is the recommended operation? How it is made?

R= Should be discussed with your surgeon. Advantages and disadvantages.

2-How it works weight loss?

R=Reducing the amount of food that can be ingested, because the stomach is small and fills quickly. By eating less you lose weight.

3-Is Surgery takes risks?

R=All surgery has risks and bariatric surgery which is major surgery is no exception. However, has less risk today than most of the operations and risks of the operation are much less than the obesity disease untreated.

4-How long I will be at the hospital?

R=Usually 2 to 3 days, depending on how fast your recovery.

5-How much time takes surgery?

R=It takes approximately 2 hours. It depends on each individual and the technique used.

6-How can I get off the staples in future?

R=Staples are permanent. The rings can be removed if necesary. Gastric Banding and Gastric Bypass are reversible, but in principle all the operations are for life.

7-When can I get back to work?

R=1 to 2 weeks. But you can not lifting weights to avoid hernias.

8-I should need a diet?

R=The diet after surgery is very important. I mean you can not eating  certain foods unless you change your eating habits by having to chew well and eat slowly.

9-But .. how much I will eat?

R=Initially about 60 cc per meal. Over time increases to 150 - 200 cc per meal. You should eat at least three times per day.

10-With so few food... will I die?

R=You will be given a dietary program to meet your nutritional needs and vitamins.

11-Do which is the rate that I will be in to loss weight?

R=Depends on each person and the type of operation. Initially you will lose 5 to 6 Kg each month and then go lowering until 12 to 18 months.

12-Which is the percentage success with this surgery?

R= Depends on each person and the type of operation. With Gastric Banding operation you will lose approximately 50% of excess weight. With Gastric Bypass surgery you will lose approximately 75% to 80% of excess weight.

13-Why a surgery?

R=Because the Morbid Obesity is a disease which has other serious medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, artritis, etc. and the surgery is the most effective treatment.

14-Is it true that I always have to worry about my weight?

R=Yes. The surgery provides a mechanical means to control your weight, but is necessary that you change your lifestyle.

15-Can patient sabotage this surgery?

R=Yes if yoy offer. Sometimes the patient eats high-calorie foods and liquids and may gain weight again.

16-What if I do not follow the program?

R=At first if you insist on eating a lot going to vomit. Over time you will gain weight again.

17-I heard that lot of patients vomit frequently?

R=Not necessarily if you follow the instructions. Solid food without chewing can bring problems.

18-How I will stop weight loss?

R=When you reach a balanced weight the body adjusts to a new intake of calories.

19-Can be the operation remade time and time again?

R=Obesity operations are permanent. All can be undone.

20-I heard that obesity surgerys can be dangerous?

R=The intestinal bypass was done in the fifties was a very dangerous operation, now it is not perform.

21-Will I have hung skin? Will I need a dermolipectomy?

R=Is difficult to predict which patients will happen, depends on the elasticity of the skin, however I wish! It means that the operation was a succes.